Bonsall is located in the rolling foothills of North San Diego County on Highway 76.

The community was begun after John Bonsall, a Methodist minister, was hauling lumber through Gopher Canyon more than a century ago and was struck by the beauty of the place. He built a house and planted a fruit orchard in 1879. The town was first known as Mount Fairview.

Residents have easy access to I-15 and the coast. Southern California’s world-class beaches are just a half-hour away. Residents enjoy the beauty of nature, celebrate the arts, send their children to excellent schools, have access to shopping and recreation and enjoy the small town atmosphere with easy access to all that Southern California has to offer.

The San Luis Rey Downs Track and Training Center and the San Luis Rey Golf and Country Club are both located in the city.

The real estate market features Spanish and California-style ranch homes as well as contemporary designs. Single-family homes start in the low $300,000s and range up to $2 million and more for custom properties with spectacular views of the ocean, foothills and mountains.

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Location, Physical Characteristics and Demographics

The Bonsall Community Plan area encompasses approximately 32.8 square miles, or approximately 21,042 acres. It is located in the foothills of the Peninsular Mountain Range in the unincorporated area of northern San Diego County.

The southern boundary of the Bonsall Community Plan area is approximately 40 miles north of downtown San Diego. Its neighbors are Fallbrook to the north, Oceanside to the west, Valley Center to the east, and Vista to the south.

The community of Bonsall is characterized by a series of hills, valleys, and drainage areas. This hill and valley topography has resulted in a predominance of low-density estate type residential lots and agricultural land uses. Also characterizing the Bonsall area is its golf courses and equestrian facilities. Commercial activity in Bonsall is centered in the Mission Road/Olive Hill Road and Highway 76 area.

The 1990 U.S. Census figures indicated there were 9,115 residents in the Bonsall Community Plan area, and 3,384 housing units


  • The amount of land area in Bonsall is 9.981 sq. kilometers.

  • Land and lots are also available for custom building.

  • More than 90% of the land is zoned for lot sizes of two acres or more, ensuring a large number of estate-sized properties.

  • The amount of surface water is 0.326 sq kilometers.

  • The distance from Bonsall to Washington DC is 2377 miles. The distance to the California state capital is 436 miles. (as the crow flies).

  • Bonsall is positioned 33.28 degrees north of the equator and 117.21 degrees west of the prime meridian.

  • Bonsall location: about 12 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean.

  • Bonsall average annual rainfall is 14.25 inches per year.

  • Bonsall is the most recent name for this area. Originally it was called Mt. Fairgood and then Osgood (who was a chief engineer of the Southern Railroad Survey). The area underwent a naming contest of sorts in 1889, when a petition called for it to be renamed Reed, Favorite or Bonsall, after a Rev. James Bonsall. a retired minister who developed a fruit tree industry here.



Members of the BCSG are unpaid volunteers appointed by the County Supervisor for the 5th District of the County of San Diego.
Succinctly stated, BCSG's misson is to enhance and preserve Bonsall's rural lifestyle.

  • Mr. Richard Zales.
  • Mr. Chuck Davis, Vice Chair
  • Ms. Margarette Morgan, Chair
  • Mr. Steven Norris
  • Mr. Mark Litner
  • Ms Laura Rosier